EverBlock Modular Wall System

So this is one of those:
Why didn't I think of this! LOL
I like the idea that you can make a desk
or table & then take it apart & make a chair!
Once again I think we are only limited by our
imagination! These could be a great way to
put up a partition in a loft or add a shelving unit
that is not permanent. For those of us not great with
wood or hammers/saws/screwdrivers...
You know who you are and I am right there with ya  😊
This is a great alternative! 

and there is also a video below

Lots of ways to use these:

Modular room dividers
Loft space dividers
Interlocking partitions
Modular barriers
Interlocking walls
Modular containment systems
Temporary and permanent enclosures
Windscreen's and visual blockers
Pony walls
Architectural accent walls

Saving In A Tiny Home!
Or if your Saving for a Tiny Home :)

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