Giving away Gift Cards! Help us get to 1000!

Hi Everyone,
I am Giving away Gift Cards
I am overwhelmed by how many folks are interested
in our FB page and Little Blog.
I started this venture in July & it has grown so much!
So I want to say Thank You!
Also I think it would be fun to hit 1000 FB friends by...
Dec 31st. So I am going to give away a $25.00 gift card
to Lowes or Home Depot or any major retailer that I can
order a Gift Card for online (your preference) & send to
the winner & to the person who referred them! I will do this
randomly between now & the 1000th FB Friend.
Then the person who is the 1000 FB Friend & the person
who refers them will receive a $25.00 GC of their choice as well.
When we select the winners I will be requesting to know who
referred them & will post the winners!
Let the fun begin

If the winner was not referred by someone we will
still give away the gift card that would have gone
to the referring person, to a random winner!

If your not a FB friend & you want to be, join us here:

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