No cash for a Tiny Home? Rent To Own NO CREDIT Check!

Don't want to lay out cash for Tiny Home?
How about NO Credit Check/Rent to Own
Look at this beauty!
Old Hickory Sheds Northwest
They deliver to Oregon ~ Washington ~ Montana ~ Utah...
Northern California ~ Idaho ~ Wyoming ~ Nevada

From their website:
Rent-To-Own No Credit Necessary (all you need is a drivers license)
There Is No Credit Check: Just a small security deposit sheds no credit check financing
plus your first month’s rent and we order you a building.

No Strings: Turn in anytime or pay off anytime with no penalty.
The contract is month to month. Just pay the monthly rent for 36
months or pay the remaining balance and the building is yours.

Early Payoff: Payoff anytime with no penalty. There is also
a discount off the rental balance for those who pay off early.

In Addition: If your building becomes a financial burden or if for any
reason you no longer need the building, simply give us a call and we will
promptly pick it up and your credit will remain untarnished.

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